Saturday, September 17, 2011

SpOtLiGhT: BoOmEr

All about Boomie. While Bailey is working in the office, Gracie is sleeping and Suzie is outside, Boomer is somewhere squeaking a toy. To say Boomer loves to play is an understatement. And the squeakier the toy, the better. Boomer was especially playful this summer. With the heat, we were not able to walk the babies, so his energy levels were pretty high. Boomer is our little prince. As our only little boy, he definitely gets plenty of special treatment.

Here is Boomer with one of his late toys. (The toy is no longer with us).

Where we going?

Boomer & Gracie are best friends. I love this picture of them together.

So excited to be boating with his family!

What? Doesn't this bed say my name?

We love Boomer so much. He has been such a blessing to our family. Matt has really enjoyed having a male companion around the house. (Boomer's Aggie football jersey should be arriving any day now). He is my little prince. The girls love having a brother to pick on. Boomer is our little man!


Friday, September 2, 2011

SpOtLiGhT: SuZie

Oh our Suz Boo! While Bailey works in the office and Gracie sleep, Suzie monitors the backyard. Suzie would love to be an outside dog. She is the reason we installed a doggie door. Suzie would rather be outside than anywhere else. It is actually hard to get pictures of Suzie because she is never around. Matt and I try to cuddle with her as much as possible. Besides her regular tummy rubs, she is "Miss Independent."

Here is Suzie's signature move....guilty face then the rollover.

When Suzie does decide to come in the house, she usually plays with toys (more like destroys the toys) and the other babies.

Here is Suzie captured in "Hitler" mode. We have to close the door to the laundry room where the food is kept, otherwise Suzie will stay in there and guard it. She won't leave the food and growls at the others who walk by. If my purse is on the ground, a grocery sack on the ground, etc she will go into this dictator alter-ego. She isn't this way about the communal toys they share though. Luckily. So, needless to say we don't leave anything on the floors for her to guard.

Matt calls her "the keeper of the flame" when he grills. Suzie guards the grill when he is cooking.

We love Suzie so much. She is quirky and has such a distinctive personality. I worry about her the most since she is so independent. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I wish I could afford to live on a couple of acres for her to enjoy the outdoors even more. (But then I would really worry more.) Her long, narrow body acts as a megaphone. You can here her bark from down the street. She is truly a unique girl.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SpOtLiGhT: Gracie

This next spotlight is on Gracie. While Bailey is workaholic, Gracie is our very own Sleeping Beauty. Here are snapshots of Gracie's typical week.

Gracie provides moral support as I fold the laundry.

Sometimes Gracie considers going outside.

But mostly Gracie sleeps!

Gracie is our very own teddy bear. She loves to cuddle. Wanna take a nap? She's your girl. Wanna lay on the couch and read mags all day? Count her in. Gracie has the kindest heart. She truly wants to be loved on at all times. She is the BIGGEST baby we have. Truly a weenie dog at heart. Gracie is scared of almost everything. But we love our big baby so much!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

SpOtLiGht: Bailey

This week's feature post is on Bailey. I tried to capture in photos what Bailey's typical week looks like!

When Bailey isn't working in the office, she is usually in a blanket somewhere.

Bailey is a hard worker though. She puts in long hours at the office. Bailey loves to sit in a desk chair that faces the window, so she can monitor what is going on outside on the street.

As you can see, Bailey is on her favorite Texas A & M rug. Despite my attempts to raise her like a Baylor lady, she has chosen to follow in her father's footsteps and be an Aggie. She loves beef, burps like a champ and snores like an old man! She loves bad boys (Dustin and Eric) and can't control her flirting. Despite all of this, she has a fantastic work ethic, as you can see from the pictures. She is such a hard worker, and we don't know what we would do without her!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Must Have Been Boomie's Long Lost Brother....

Superhero Chihuahua Takes on Armed Robbers!,,20511346,00.html

Why I Do Not Make The Bed

Below is a picture of what I see every morning when I leave for work. Each baby gets on the bed in their usual spot. Bailey is on my side, Boomer is on Matt's pillow, Gracie is stretched out somewhere in the center under the fan (you can hardly see her in the pic-she is laying behind Suzie), and Suzie is at the foot.

Now, my parents on BIG on made beds. But how could I make them all get up just to make a bed? Don't they look so sweet??

And I tried to get a picture of Suzie, Gracie and Boomer playing, but they are moving around so fast, it is hard to get a good one. This was the best I could do.

I am thinking of dedicating a week of pictures to each baby. So each week for the next four weeks will feature one baby!

P.S. Gracie has now started barking at animated animals in addition to her live animal rants on TV.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Last Fall, Matt and I had professional portraits taken of us with our babies. I wanted to capture this time in our lives. We hadn't had any photos taken of us since our wedding, so I felt we needed this. We found a photographer who works with animals. She was fantastic. She was patient and kind with our babies. I was surprised that she was actually able to catch multiple photos with all four of them looking at the camera. I had asked the photographer to email me some of the pictures that I didn't purchase. They are posted below....enjoy!

*The photographer is Suzanne Demaree. She was great. She also does a lot of work for the aspca and other animal organizations. Her website is

This is us getting them pepped up for the photo shoot. Work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right.....does anyone remember that song?

Here is our Suzie Boo

And our Gracie Girl

And Bailey Boo

Last and certainly not least, our main man Boomaroo

Our Family..or fAmily if I am talking to my bro-in-law